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Linking Young Minds Together
  Volume 6 | Issue 33 | August 18, 2012 |


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Campus Volunteers

Eid for Street Children 2012--
Reviving the Distressedd

Ahamed Naveed Hasan

Eid is a special time for everyone, more so for the members of United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh (UNYSAB). Every year during Ramadan, UNYSAB members dedicate themselves to embrace a special cause that is celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr with the underprivileged children of the society. The members of the organisation engage themselves in giving back to the society by upholding their slogan: Leadership through Volunteerism. Their dedication to this cause is a reminder that serving humanity and helping the distressed should be the sole purpose of any human being. UNYSAB, through its programme, 'Eid for Street Children', reached out to the professionals of the society and collected donations, which were used for buying new clothes and gifts for the street children. The programme served as a unified platform for professionals and volunteers to meet social commitments. This year, the programme was more diverse than any one of its previous editions, as the members spread out to far corners of the country to put an end to the woes of the street children and to bring smiles on their beautiful faces.

Enjoying the spirit of Eid by giving and sharing. Courtesy: UNYSAB

This year's main event took place at the Jahangirnagar University campus. On Friday, August 10, the members of UNYSAB gathered at the JU cafeteria and arranged an art competition for around 40 children. The children drew beautiful pictures where they reflected their thoughts of happiness. These drawings will be given as a token of appreciation to the graceful donors. The underprivileged children were given note books, pens and pencils so that they can embrace the light of knowledge. The hardship of these children becomes more acute in the Eid season, as they have to watch people buy new clothes and prepare for a joyful season. UNYSAB, with the help of the donors, wished to remove the sorrow from their minds, and to enable them to enjoy Eid as much as any child should. Keeping this in mind, UNYSAB mobilised its enthusiastic and responsible members as they went out to buy clothes for the children. The clothes were then given to them. Their faces lit up with joy as they collected their clothes, which came in many bright colours and patterns. The day progressed and it was soon time for Iftaar. The leaders and members of UNYSAB shared a delicious Iftaar with the children. UNYSAB Senior Vice President, KMZH Titash, along with other members participated in the day long event.


'Eid for Street Children, 2012' was a countrywide programme of UNYSAB, and the clothes distribution and Iftaar events were also held in many other parts of the country. UNYSAB SUST Wing, in Sylhet, organised the programme on August 6 where UNYSAB members had Iftaar with 100 children and clothes were distributed. Similar events were also held by UNYSAB in Khulna and Nilphamari during the month of Ramadan. The entire programme was coordinated by Abu Obaida Imon and Nabila Noor. A good number of UNYSAB members were also closely involved in making the programme a meaningful one. With the devotion of the members, the generosity of the donors and the appreciation of the society, UNYSAB continues its journey to make a difference in the community and the country.

(The author is a member of the United Nations Youth and Students Association of Bangladesh.)




Indian poet, lyricist and director Sampooran Singh Kalra was born on 18 August ,1936 (today is his 76th birthday!). He is known popularly by his pen name- Gulzar. He was born in a Kalra Arora Sikh family, to Makhan Singh Kalra and Sujan Kaur, in Dina, Jhelum District, British India (what is now Pakistan). Before becoming an established writer, Sampooran worked in Delhi as a car mechanic in a garage. His father rebuked him from becoming a writer saying, "As a writer you will have to depend on your brothers." He took the pen name Gulzar Deenvi after becoming an author. Gulzar is best known in India as a lyricist for songs that form an integral part of Bollywood. He began his career under the directors Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. His book Ravi Paar has a narrative of Bimal Roy and the agony of creation. Gulzar started his career as a songwriter with the music director Sachin Dev Burman for the movie Bandini. Shailendra, who has penned rest of the songs of the movie, urged Gulzar to write the song "Mora Gora Ang Layle". This was picturised on Nutan. Gulzar's most successful songs as a lyricist came out from his association with Sachin Dev Burman's son, Rahul Dev Burman, whom he described as the anchor in his life.

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