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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 42 | October 21, 2012 |


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Inter Varsity Debate Championship 2012

Salman Rob

North South University Debate Club organised the NSU-Inter Varsity WUPID Bangladesh Debate Championship 2012, from October 4 to 13, 2012 at the University premises. The event included a Bangla tournament being hosted for the first time by the club. There were a total number of 72 teams from 30 different Universities from all over Bangladesh with about 400 participants including volunteers from Hurdco International School.

The winning team. Courtesy: NSUDC

The programme was held in association with World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID), Malaysia; which is a yearly competition in the British Parliamentary format; inviting only the top 30 universities of the world. This year, to increase the outreach of WUPID, North South University was chosen as the only proud representative of Bangladesh, to organise the WUPID qualifier. The team winning this international quality event will get the chance to take part in WUPID Malaysia with full waiver.

The chief guest of the closing ceremony was Professor Dr Md Abdus Sattar, Acting Vice Chancellor, North South University and special guests were Professor Dr M Ali Rashid, Club Co-ordinator, NSU, Abdur Rahman, Head of SME Banking, Brac Bank and Dr M Ashiqur Rahman, Faculty Advisor, NSU Debate Club.

North South University became the Champion of the Bangla tournament, with East West University being the Runners-Up. Aumit Rayhan (NSU) was the best speaker of the final round and Ariful Haque (UIU) was the Speaker of the tournament. BRAC University won the Championship of the English tournament and therefore making it to the WUPID, Malaysia, as the best representative from Bangladesh. North South University became 1st Runners-Up and the Best Speaker of the final was Ratib Mortuza Ali (BRAC) with Gaushey Shahriar (IBA-DU) being the Speaker of the tournament. The other finalist teams were IBA-DU and LCLS.

The tireless efforts of NSU Debate Club brought revolutionary changes in Bangla debate. For the first time, there were 5 prelim rounds, instead of knock-out selections, to squeeze out the real top 8 teams with first time use of full tab software. The debaters judged the adjudicators, while the adjudicators heard them speak for 7 minutes instead of 5. There was a unique Break Night party, with unlimited candy-floss, laser show, circus and fire spinners showing their might and magic, where for the first time, Bangla debaters were invited as well. To ensure the touch of international quality and standard in not only the event structure, but also in the quality of debate, in the English segment, the CO Chief Adjudicator was Ivan Ah Sam, a former debater for the University of Sydney Union, a top speaker of the Worlds' ranking, who will be a Deputy CA at the upcoming WUPID to be held in Malaysia. The fourth Edition of the annual publication of NSUDC, “Hear Hear” was published as part of the tournament souvenir, offering quality write ups from all over the world to meet the effulgent interest of the readers.

The event was supported by BRAC Bank, Associate Sponsor being ARMAC ltd, Beverage Partner, Coca Cola, Media Partner, Somoy Television and radio partner, Radio today 89.6 FM.

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