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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 6 | Issue 42 | October 21, 2012 |


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Silly Tales

Laughter is the Best Medicine

A very funny incident took place during my last semester. We were in our Botany practical class. Our teacher entered the class room in a very bad mood. It was evident, because she, suddenly, started yelling at us without any heads up! She just started yelling about how we are not sincere and regular in class and so much more that we kind of got embarrassed. We all stood there silently and listened to her yell. During all of this, we noticed that someone was constantly calling her cell phone and she kept on rejecting it. Suddenly, to our utter surprise, one of my friends stood up and, very loudly said, “Madam, give me your phone. I want to see who is disturbing you during class!” Hearing this, we all got startled and started laughing so hard. Finally our teacher could not stay tuned to her anger and ended up laughing with us!

Abdul Awal Chowdhury Masud
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka.

Ghostly Incident

When I was in fourth grade, it was during our lunch break when I heard a boy sobbing. The noise was coming from the bathroom near the end of the veranda. I ran towards the toilet asking, “Is anybody there?” The voice replied, “Yes! Please get me out of here; I'm locked inside!” I inspected the bathrooms around me but none was locked. I asked his name and class to which he replied, "Muntasir from grade four." Without finding a way to rescue him, I ran to fetch help from my other friends. As soon as everyone arrived at the location, Muntasir also appeared there! I was so shocked! Before anyone could say I was wrong about the incident, a loud scream echoed which begged us to open the bathroom door. Which one was the ghost? Searching each and every bathroom of our school, we found out later on, that a boy was actually locked in the bathroom but on the 3rd floor. His name was also Muntasir and he was in class 4 at the Bengali medium. As the rescue mission accomplished, I turned out to be a hero!

Moon Moon Nawshad
Willes Little Flower Higher Secondary School and College, Dhaka.

Deep Waters!

I have two best friends from my childhood-- Asish and Rajdeep. Rajdeep and I study in the same school and class, but our friend Asish lives far away from us and studies in Mastermind. We all meet at least once in a year. And whenever we meet, we always try to go for a picnic. Last year we successfully pulled off a wonderful picnic and the plan was to go during winter. While we were going to our destination, we had a lot of fun during the ride. When we reached, we unpacked our things and playfully started tackling each other. Suddenly, Asish pushed Rajdeep so hard that he fell down in a nearby pond. There was a sudden pause as it looked like we killed our friend! Our endangered friend was rapidly moving his hands and legs to get out of the water. But when we went to save him and stepped in the water, there came another sudden pause and we started laughing. Because the way he was struggling to get out of the water looked like as he was drowning in an ocean, while the water was only up to our knees!

Debashish Sarkar Durjoy
HURDCO International School, Dhaka.

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