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Linking Young Minds Together
   Volume 7 | Issue 07| February 17, 2013 |


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Ekushey Boi Mela

Annaya Anik

Those who are aware of Anik Khan's works know that how this young and talented poet loves to experiment with his poetry. The book 'Annaya Anik' by Anik Khan is no exception as here readers will find poems of varied tastes, forms and subjects. Inspired by everyday affairs in his surroundings, Khan tries to explain realities with a dose of satire. Perhaps, the poet has found poetry as a tool to make the positive changes in society that everybody wishes for. 'Annaya Anik' is published from Barshadupur Publication and costs Tk 100.


Odvut Joto Bhoot

If you are in search of strange friends then read the book 'Odvut Joto Bhoot' by young writer Marufa Rahman. This book will introduce you with some friendly ghosts who will be very happy to hang out with you! By going through the story one would feel as if those ghostly friends are almost visible! But readers should also beware of some mischievous ghosts who are also very much part of this story. 'Odvut Joto Bhoot' is published from Annesha Prokashon Publication.



71 Biratta Birgatha Bijoy

The nine months of the liberation war is undoubtedly the proudest time in our nation's history. The events of those sanguinary days still inspire us to march together as a nation. The book '71 Biratta Birgatha Bijoy' will certainly make the readers proud as a citizen of Bangladesh once again. Here, some of the most valiant freedom fighters of our nation have shared their memories from the war zones in 1971. Readers will feel the excitement, grief and bravery of those red letter days while going through the chapters of this extraordinary book. '71 Biratta Birgatha Bijoy' is published from BDS'71 and costs Tk 280.




Ruth Rendell

Writer Ruth Rendell was born Ruth Grasemann on February 17, 1930 (today is her 82nd birthday!), in South Woodford, London. Her parents were teachers. Rendell was educated at the County High School for Girls in Loughton, Essex. After high school she became a feature writer for her local paper, the Chigwell Times. Even at an early age, making up stories was irresistible to Rendell. As a reporter, she visited a house that was rumoured to be haunted and invented the ghost of an old woman. The owners threatened to sue the newspaper for devaluing their home. Later, she reported on the local tennis club's annual dinner without attending, so missing the untimely death of the after-dinner speaker in mid-speech. She resigned before she could be fired. Rendell wrote two unpublished novels before the 1964 publication of From Doon with Death. It was the first mystery to feature her enduring and popular detective Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford. The Monster in the Box, released in October 2009, was widely rumoured to be Wexford's last case. This turned out to be incorrect. However it was the final novel featuring Wexford as an employed policeman; in the novel that followed, The Vault, he has retired.

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