Linking Young Minds Together
        Volume 7 | Issue 07| February 17, 2013 |


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A Journey For a Cause

Salman Rob

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
― J R R Tolkien, an English Writer.

By the borders. Photo: courtesy

A journey began on December 23, 2012, from Tetulia to Teknaf by a cyclist named Akhlaqur Rahman Rahi. Besides being a cyclist he works as an Engineer at Robi Telecom as well. He got his undergraduate degree from North South University (NSU) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Dhaka University.

The eight day journey took Rahi to the core of this nation. A staggering 999.60 Kilometers was traveled by Rahi to reach his destination. Talking about why and how he did it, Rahi says, “I did it in spirit of the liberation war. I think to build a good future; we need believers. And to show my respect to the martyrs I started my journey with a flag of our country given by a freedom fighter living in Teknaf named Abdul Maneem. I wanted to finish the whole journey in six days but couldn't because of the heavy fog during the nights. From Tetulia follows 'Ponchogor', 'Dinajpur', 'Phulbari', 'Ghoraghat', 'Bogura', 'Gaibandha', 'Shirajganj', 'Dhaka', 'Narayanganj', 'Choddogram', 'Feni', 'Chittagong', 'Coxs Bazaar', and finally 'Teknaf'. I traveled to all the locations and met all sorts of people along the way.”

He hopes more young minds would start taking initiatives like this. From small initiatives, Rahi believes, people will start merging. And only then we can stop the brutality around us. All this has to stop and only the young generation can do it!

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