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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 07| February 17, 2013 |


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News Snap

Brian Lara in Chittagong Schools

Brian Lara, the biggest star in the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League coming in the form of a brand Ambassador in one of the tournament's franchise, Chittagong Kings, visited three schools inside Chittagong City Corporation and in Hathhazari on January 21- 22, 2013.

Lara, dressed in Kings t-shirt and dark blue jeans, and with his gentle approach, created an amazing environment among the audience who were present in different schools.


The left-hander's masterful act with the willow remained quite vivid in some of the students’ minds as well as the senior citizens present at the occasion during his visit. Lara went to Al Haj Mustafa Hakim Degree College and School, the first of the six schools.

Chittagong's Mayor, Manzur Alam, founder of the school, left no stone unturned to make the event even grander.

Lara, advised the students to make themselves worthy citizens of the country.

Later the prince of cricket visited Aparna Charan City Corporation Girls' High School and Krishna Kumari City Corporation Girls' High School and also took some time out to give autographs to the students.

On January 22, Lara went to Hath Hazari Parboti Uccho Biddaloy, Rahmania Sorkari Pratomik Biddaloy, Fazlul Kader Chowdhury Uccho Biddaloy in Hathhazari.

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