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Linking Young Minds Together
      Volume 7 | Issue 07| February 17, 2013 |


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Silly Tales

Annoying Surprise!

My older brother and I used to stay in the same room. Every evening, when I used to return from my coaching classes, I used to yell at my parents to give me my own room so that I could study properly instead of staying with my older brother who always did things that would annoy me and not let me study properly, but that was just a fake reason. I actually wanted my own room to have all the fun without any interruption! There was a vacant room in our house and I always wanted it. One day, after I returned home, my parents asked me to close my eyes as they had a small surprise for me and then they took me to the vacant room and when I opened my eyes, I the something really horrible. The room was completely empty, only my study table was at one corner. Then, my parents surprised me by telling me that this was the best place for me to study!

Sakkhor Saha
Oxford International School,Dhaka.


Last month I had the most amazing opportunity to go to Germany for the very first time. So when we went to Frankfurt and took the city bus tour, I was very excited. All the office buildings and the commercial banks looked very sophisticated and elegant, and we ended up taking thousands of pictures. There was one Indian restaurant that caught my attention due to its amusing name-- Gaylord, and also because it looked pretty expensive from the outside. I ended up telling all my friends back at home about the place and we made many jokes about how anyone in the world could be so weird as to name a restaurant like that. It was later that I saw on TV that Gaylord was actually one of the finest Indian restaurants in the world, with all kinds of diplomats and VIPS and even The Beatles going there! I now wish I had actually gone there for a meal instead of laughing at it!

Samiha Matin
Sunbeams School, Dhaka.

Physics Slumber

There were just four of us who had Physics in our O' Levels. Physics classes were the worst since they were held at the end of the day and it was very hard to stay awake. To make it worse Sunday classes were consecutive. My friend, Shafayat used to suffer a lot. He used to, literally, sleep with his eyes open, staring blankly at the book, only waking up by my nudge to change the page. On one of these enduring days, the four of us were forcing ourselves to look fresh while our teacher was solving problems on the board, when my friend suddenly said, "Dude, let me know if she turns around." Then, he shut his eyes while I stared at him in disbelief. Before I could say anything, our teacher turned around for a calculator. Never did she raise her voice at us, but that day she did--"My goodness, how can you sleep in my class?" Shafayat woke up as if thunder struck him. He turned left at me, then right, then straight at our fuming teacher. All he could do was say sorry.

Aquib Ul Wadud Alam
Maple Leaf International School, Dhaka.

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