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Volume 2 Issue 7| August 2007



Original Forum Editorial

Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Exit strategies: Some lessons from history- - Rehman Sobhan
What should have been in the budget-- K. Siddique-e-Rabbani
Tough politics but loose economics-- Nizam Ahmad
The effects of corruption -- Saifuddin Ahmed
Time to declare war on hunger-- Zahin Hasan
Where Deshantori ends, Phiriye Ano Bangladesh begins -- Mridul Chowdhury
A cloud of silence in Bangla Town-- Naeem Mohaiemen
Photo Feature
Epaar Opaar-- Udayan Chattopadhyay
The third pillar -- S. Amer Ahmed
Let's get political--Asif Saleh
Through Big Brother's eyes-- Tazreena Sajjad
Alternate universes: fairy tale, sci-fi or reality?-- Rashida Ahmad
Column: It's no joke


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Photo Feature

Caged Dreams
Cambodian Landmine victims

A Photo feature by Andrew Biraj

In Cambodia, the death of Pol Pot and the demise of the Khmer Rouge ended a dark and savage era but the legacy is 41,000 victims who have lost limbs to landmines. Cambodia is home to an estimated 4-6 million landmines and has the highest number of amputees per capita in the world, one out of every 350 people.


Forty-one year-old Phornvana lost one of his limbs after stepping on a landmine at the age of fifteen. He was wounded while searching for firewood to boil some rice.

Twelve year-old Saroeun plays handball with one hand. He lost his right hand in a landmine explosion when he was only six years old.

Nineteen year-old Hoe lost one of his legs and the sight in both eyes in a multi-explosion nine years ago while grazing his cattle in a field.

An unchecked number of landmines remain in the ground throughout the world despite the ratification of an international treaty banning landmines in 1997.

Worldwide, landmines and other unexploded devices claim 18,000 new victims each year, maiming both civilians and soldiers.

The resulting injuries affect not only the victims, but place a strain on their families as well as medical and societal resources.


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