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     Volume 4 Issue 20 | November 5, 2004 |

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On Education
First of all, accept my felicitations for the upgraded version of SWM. I love reading the education column titled Learn English with the British Council. I find this new column very effective and an authentic way to improve English. I would, however, ask you to take a suggestion. Maybe you can introduce a new column titled Word Power/Vocabulary similar to the column called Word Power, written by Peter Funk in Reader's Digest Magazine. I firmly believe it would be helpful for everyone. My fellow young learners of English and I are all looking forward to your kind consideration.
Moshiur Rahman

I am a regular reader of SWM. I like the magazine very much and collect it every Friday. I think that it is one of the best magazines in Bangladesh. Since I am a business student and very interested in business-related information, I would like to know more about the current business situation in Bangladesh and believe that SWM can help me to develop business-related skills and hope to see a "Business Topic" page in the future issues of SWM. There is also another point I would like to mention. I find that SWM fails to maintain good cover stories and covers. I feel that as a prestigious magazine, SWM should be more careful about the quality of their cover pages and choose their topics appropriately.
Qazi Shohel Ahmed

The Timely Articles
I really enjoyed going through the write-ups by Srabonti Narmeen Ali and Elita Karim in the 22nd October issue of the SWM. In the holy month of Ramadan, such articles were expected. Srabonti was right in saying that we have the 'luxury' of fasting while some other people are "fasting" all the time. Her article made me think about the real aim of fasting. Again, Elita Karim's 'The Way of Life' was a simply written article. But the message it gives us is very important for this generation. Thanks to both these talented writers for their good work.
Wajahat Anwar
Dhaka College

An Expression
I am very pleased to see that SWM is running its new Education column in association with the British Council. Undoubtedly it is a very good idea and is doing wonders to help SWM's readers to understand and become more fluent in English. I would like to request to the authority of SWM to keep it up and continue with the British Council without interval.

A Request
I have been a regular reader of SWM of the last four months. These days I wait eagerly for Friday only to read the latest edition of SWM. Considering all the aspects I think SWM is a better magazine than most of the other weekly publications that come out. AS I am a rural inhabitant, however, I have to endure much trouble to purchase it because no member of my family goes to town on Friday. Is there any way you would be able publish any day other than Friday?
Md. Abdul Basit (Karim)
Shahajalal University

Good Cover on Farida Parveen
Thanks very much for a fabulous cover story on the living legend Farida Parveen in October 15, 2004 issue of SWM. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Saymon Zakaria and Mustafa Zaman for undertaking such a pioneering task. They have made it easier for us to know about the singer's past life and course that led to her fame. Thanks to the photographer for most befitting and crystal clear snapshots. The cover is simply superb with the photograph of the Laon-maestro against a natural setting. The phenomenal singer Farida Parveen's devotion to singing Lalon's song has affected a majority of listeners. Her rendition of Lalon is the proof of the fact that she is made for creating the bridge between the lyrical and the musical flow of the spirituality of Lalon's songs. The spirit of Lalon and that of Farida Parveen are merged together to create a spiritual-ambience that appeals to most. None but Farida Parveen deserves the title maestro, as she really creates the melodies for eternity. She is the princess of melody, our Nation's pride. She is indeed the voice of Bangla Soul.
Congrats! - The queen of our heart-- Farida Parveen! May God be beside you always. Thanks again to the SWM Family!
Rafiqul Islam
Agrabad, Chittagong

Good Jokes
SWM is the only place where we get decent jokes to read. I would like to give special thanks to SWM for publishing the jokes page. My brother and I had never failed to read this page every Friday and we find it amazingly funny. Thanks SWM and thanks for making us laugh. Hoping your jokes page will continue.
Rubaida W Sharmin
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

I was especially delighted to read regular writer Chintito's beautiful article titled-'Ramadan thoughts" in the October 29, 2004. It was an amazingly written and important article, crucial in explaining to the Muslim community about the significance of Ramadan. As a publication of a Muslim country, I think SWM should publish at least one column about Islam every week, especially because these days there is a lot of confusion about what Islam is and what it stands for. I would especially like to thank Chintito for his sensible and brilliant article.
Sultan Md Wohid
On Email

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