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     Volume 4 Issue 42 | April 16, 2005 |

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Dhaka Diary

Risky car horns
One evening as I was walking home, I heard a strange noise, something like a dog's bark. I tried to find the source of the strange noise when a red car stormed by me, almost hitting me! This left me shocked with the trauma of a serious accident that could have happened if I had been careless. As I was recovering, I realised that the red car was being driven recklessly by a group of youngsters, listening to loud music. What surprised me more was that the strange dog bark was actually the car horn! I was agitated to think that these youngsters had no idea how to drive on the streets, didn't know when to actually honk their car horns, and moreover, didn't have any respect for fellow human beings. They should think before honking their horns, confusing helpless pedestrians and putting their lives at risk.

Naome Syed Mohammadpur

I had gone to the Book Fair on February 21 with my parents and little sister, spending some time together looking through books. I should mention that I wear braces on my teeth. While we were enjoying the fair and buying books, we came across one of the computer operators at my father's office. He was there with his wife and came forward to introduce her to us. He then looked at me and then asked my father, "Sir, from where have you bought those steel-ornaments for her teeth? I would like to buy some for my wife. They look very nice." We were speechless at first. My father, trying hard to ward off the awkwardness created, explained to him that braces do not fall into the category of jewellery. However, while returning home, we could not help laughing at the absurd remark.

Jafrin Jahed Jiti VNC

One fine Friday
Fridays and government holidays are very busy for me since I work in a restaurant. However, one Friday was an exception. I was sitting at the Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, waiting while my son was competing in an art competition. I was enjoying the lively ambience with lots of young boys and girls taking part in the contest and was waiting like hundreds of other parents and guardians. As I was reading the Friday's <>Daily Star<> and sipping coffee, the premises was getting crowded with kids and parents. There was no proper sitting arrangement for young participants, so most of the young artists were sitting on the floor. I was very surprised when people came up to me asking for parts of the newspaper so they could sit on it. I refused, since I was still reading it. Finally, I had to give in when a very adorable boy of four came to me and announced, "Uncle, I simply cannot sit on the floor!" To that, I couldn't say no. Once I obliged with a smile, I immediately found myself surrounded with more cute children and soon I had to let go of my Friday news. However, I did manage to save Star Weekend Magazine for myself!

Mohammed Sohel Hara Olympia Palace Restaurant Dhaka


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