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     Volume 4 Issue 42 | April 16, 2005 |

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I want to thank and praise C.R.Raiyan for such a great write-up (Mess!). It has been many years since I read something this good. The story really appealed to my senses. The sad reality is that these are issues that are prevalent in real life. I have heard of even worse cases in which these unfortunate girls end up on their death bed. It's high time we educated our teenagers on sex-related matters. By ensuring this we can be assured that they won't make these mistakes. I am looking forward to reading more write-ups like this in the future.

Asaduzzaman Nur Chittagong

What About Law?
I am a regular reader and subscriber of Star Weekend Magazine and The Daily Star newspaper. I really enjoy it and cannot imagine a weekend without being able to read it. SWM is a great magazine on all fronts--the jokes, voicebox and the Straight Talk column (by Nadia Kabir) are my favourites. I would really love it if SWM published a column on the subject of law. Most people are ignorant on this particular subject. I hope that SWM will consider my request.

Autikur Rahman Jewel Barisal

Excellent Cover Story
I have gone through the excellent cover story titled "Beyond Stage Performance" published on April 1st. Hospitality is a common characteristic found in the indigenous people. They celebrate their festivals and special days with great joy. Their way of dressing as well as their language and culture enrich our country's in every way. But they are constantly having to fight for their rights. Many of them have lost their livelihood, their land and their resources. Unfortunately, they are not properly protected by law.
I would like to thank Shanaz Parveen for such an informative article. Her article broadened our knowledge about indigenous people.

Thuinu Mong Rajshahi University

Bravo Chintito
It was amazing to read the scintillating feature "Beggars can be Choosers," and a sequel to "The Taming of the Beggar" by Chintito published in the last issues of SWM.

The author creates a wonderfully dramatic situation where he is engaged in a discourse with the chameleon-beggar! This limping beggar turns out to be an intimidating one who only knows how to grab the donations all himself. He's like the cunning fox of the fable that, in the guise of the saviour, relishes all the chickens! He's the representative of the beggars in that particular area and appears to be highly philosophical in terms of donations and other concerns related to it.

The climax of the drama unfolds when this beggar boldly reports that he's not afraid of the little donors as he has his a big donor with him. In fact, this outstanding satirical piece exposes the bizarre political scenario of the country. We're as good as the beggars in the story -- we intimidate others and get intimidated by the donors, as we can't live without their alms. We're much too concerned about our image abroad but least bothered about issues inside the country. We make a mockery of ourselves through our irrelevant deeds in all aspects of our life.

This unique piece reminded me of the great writer Krishan Chandar and his classic piece "Ami Gadha Bolchi!"

Rafiqul Islam Rime Agrabad, Chittagong

On the Cover
I would like to thank SWM for its cover story about the Adivasi people of Bangladesh. Our constitution states that it is a fundamental right for everyone to be seen as equal before the law and that everyone entitled to be protected by the law. Therefore minorities should be protected and should enjoy equal rights. Unfortunately, crimes against Adivasis often go unpunished. Access to legal aid is very limited for them. Another significant aspect with regards to legal aid is that there is no Judge Court in the three hill districts. Instead there are magistrate courts, which cannot settle land-related disputes or heinous crimes such as rape and murder. Thank you, Shahnaz Parveen and SWM, for a closer look at displacement, land rights and the problems of living within a marginalised population.

Rezaul Karim Rajshahi

On Education
I am a regular reader of SWM. I find that reading this magazine gives me knowledge and pleasure. For me, every section is good especially the Cover Stories, Books, Health and Education. The last is my favourite section in fact because it enhances my English knowledge thus allowing me to be more fluent in the language. Because English is an international language everyone needs to learn it. Otherwise our nation will never succeed globally and internationally. So thanks SWM, for the education section.

Belitripura AUB Dhaka

On Destination Bangladesh
Thanks to Star Weekened Magazine for its excellent cover story "Destination Bangladesh", published on March 25, 2005. It is common for our young generation to go abroad for higher education and not bother to come back to their motherland after completing their studies. Of course it is true that there are a lot of gains and even more opportunities when living in a western country as opposed to living in Bangladesh. However, that does not necessarily mean that they should never come back to our motherland. Our development highly depends on our younger generation. We need the kind of manpower who will be able to implement their knowledge, skills and experiences for the development of our country so that we will be able to meet future challenges. We salute those Bangladeshis who have chosen to come back so that they may begin a new career in their home country. We can do everything if we wish to do so. We don't need this brain drain anymore.

AKM Anwarul Haque Mirpur

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