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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 40| October 16, 2011 |


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Star Chat

The Restless Bassist

Bassist Michael Gomes
Talks to

Rakibul Hasan

Courtesy: Michael

My full name is Andrew Michael Gomes but most people know me as Michael Gomes. I went to seven different schools. There was no specific reason behind moving to so many schools. I was very restless as a young boy for which I always looked for new experiences. My first school was Saint Loreto and I completed my A levels from European Standard School. After graduating from school, I joined Eastern University for my Bachelors in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting. I have never been an attentive student. When I was in school I used to bunk classes regularly. One day, I had decided to bunk the school assembly. Unfortunately a school staff saw me climbing the boundary walls and incidentally I was the only absentee in my class on that particular day. As a result, the school authority informed my parents about my mischief and you can imagine the consequences after that!

University has been a very different experience than that of my school. The teachers in the university are friendlier than the school teachers. I also made a lot of friends here who have played very important roles in shaping my life. However, be it at school or at university, I haven't changed a bit. I still continue to be irregular in class and manage the important notes from my faithful friends.

I developed a passion for music when I was very young. I grew up watching my uncles playing guitar, which later, inspired me to become a bassist. I still remember going to the concerts of the legendary bands of our country with my uncles. While studying in class four, I bought my first guitar with the money that I got on my birthday. Besides practising the guitar on my own, I also took guitar lessons.

In the year 2003, my friends and I formed our own musical band 'Shunno'. We have had several gigs at different campuses all across the country. Eventually, our band became popular especially in the student community. It seems to me that the young lot can relate to our songs easily. It feels amazing to find students of my age appreciating our songs and singing along with us during our performance. Recently we performed at the NSU Club Carnival and it was great performing amidst a lively crowd crazy for music. We had also won the Citycell - Channel i Music Award in the best band category by popular choice, in 2010.

My future plan regarding music is to take our band Shunno to an international level. Recently, we released our latest album 'Gorbo Bangladesh' and the listeners' responses have been overwhelming! To all the youngsters out there, my suggestion would be to keep it safe and study hard, listen to a lot of music and continue supporting Shunno.


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