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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 40| October 16, 2011 |


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Participate In an International Creative Writing Workshop!

Saad Adnan Khan

Brine Pickles, the first performance Literature group in English in Bangladesh, is going to conduct an International creative writing and performance literature workshop and you can be a part of it! The workshop will be funded by a grant from The American Center, and will be conducted by renowned fiction writers and poets from Bangladesh and the USA and Brine Pickles members. “We have decided to give an international platform to the young amateur writers in our country who deserve an exposure”, says Sabrina Binte Masud, one of the coordinators of Brine Pickles.

Courtesy: Brine Pickles

The group was initiated through the British Council's 'Connecting Futures' project in 2003 but has been working independently since 2007. Though Brine Pickles began its journey with a handful of members writing in English, with time the group has grown and taken a more multilingual stance. Many of the present Pickles also write in Bangla and are involved in translation. The writings of the members include poems, song lyrics, fiction, non-fiction, plays etc. Though all of the members are 'young,' there is no definite age limit. The group includes university teachers, journalists, students etc. The fact that binds the members is that they all use English as their literary language and all are interested in performance. The group wanted to use the term 'Pickles' because it seemed to be perfect to describe the unity amidst diversity. Brine Pickles has an international publication an anthology called 'Maps & Metaphors: Writings by Young Writers from Bangladesh and United Kingdom', which was published in May, 2006 sponsored by the British Council. They have also performed at places like 'Shadhona' the pocket theater, Kozmo Lounge, books stores such as Omni Books and Words n' pages, and universities such as Eastern University, ULAB, BRAC and IUB. They have also performed internationally at The Assembly House, Norwich, UK.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about writing and believes that language can be a powerful and political medium to express oneself creatively. If you are between the ages 18-25 and want to get selected for the workshop, submit your entries (3 poems utmost/1 short story/1 play) to Munasir Kamal, Department of English, University of Dhaka or at brine.pickles@yahoo.com. Send in a short bio of yourself with the entries. The workshop will take place in two phases. In the first phase, selected applicants will be invited to attend either of the two workshops that will take place at Chittagong University and in Dhaka based on their convenience and proximity from the workshop venue. The last date for application submission for the workshop in Chittagong is October 31, 2011, and for the workshop in Dhaka is November 20, 2011. The workshop in Chittagong will take place on November 19, 2011. Then from these two workshops, the best 15 writers will be invited to take part in an international workshop in Dhaka. The best works of the writers and the poets from the workshop will be compiled in a book, under the very brand of Brine Pickles and The American Center. And finally, some of these works will be chosen for performance on stage, which will be carried out by the members of Brine Pickles.

So writers and poets from all over the country, snatch your pens and thoughts in bounty, because this is a great opportunity to learn and to express! For more details visit www.facebook.com/ BrinePickles.

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