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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 40| October 16, 2011 |


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Silly Tales

What Goes Around Comes Around

Once, we decided to take a trip to a park in Savar. A boy from our class, not one of our group mates, wanted to join us. We did not want to take him but he nagged so much that we reluctantly took him on one condition. That is, only if he could manage to find a big box to carry our snacks. We were surethat he would not be able to manage one, but the next day, he turned up in school carrying a big cardboard box. We were surprised and unwillingly took him with us. He said he had spent the entire day searching for the box. He was told to carry it around. He did so, groaning and sighing, as we walked to the picnic spot from the bus stop. Unfortunately, as soon as we reached the open park, it started to rain and we were running frantically for some shelter. The boy with the big box held it over his head and it protected him from the rain completely while we were drenched to the bones. Ten pairs of jealous eyes stared at him as he enjoyed the scenario.

Nusrat Jahin Angela
Scholastica School, Dhaka

Embarrassment to Enthusiasm

This is a short anecdote about one of my friends. We were then in class three, in a large room where boys and girls sat in two separate rows. We had an English teacher who seemed very amiable. Unlike other days, one day, he was very cranky and all of us went into shock as he asked questions to all of the students and punished those who failed to answer. But, my friend still looked joyous and was chatting with her mate sitting right next to her. The teacher looked at her brusquely and asked her the question that everyone failed to answer. Luck was not on her side as she failed to answer. Hence, the teacher took the duster and pounded it onto her soft little hand. And I could see her cry silently. But, now after a long period of time I am very happy to find her as a student of English Literature which proves that she still has the passion for English, even after she was embarrassed in school!

SM Murad Hasan
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Fake Eye Problem

Even since I was a kid, I was an inquisitive and a boundule (vagabond) boy. I would be engaged with silly things in my village. So one day, back when I was in class five, after entering the class room, I sat in such a way, that I could flirt with the girls easily. I quickly became busy talking to a girl.After a while the girl went up to the teacher and complained against me mentioning that I had made three 'Eyeshots' (Blinking of an eye was informally known as "Eyeshot" in our class) to her. The teacher then came up to me and asked me why I did that. Surprisingly enough, she believed me when I told her that I had eye problems. Later on, the teacher convinced the girl by saying that I had problems with my eyes and I didn't do anything intentionally.To date, neither of them found out that I was fooling around and had no problems at all!

Borhan Uddin Raju
Dhaka University, Dhaka

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