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Linking Young Minds Together
    Volume 5 | Issue 40| October 16, 2011 |


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Young Styling
The changing trends of fashion

Saila Ishrat Annie

Whenever a girl stands in front of the mirror, she hopes to get the best outcome of her beauty for the day. The most common dialect of a girl with the mirror is what this article is all about. The upgrading styles, new fashion trends and innovative experiments are evolving all throughout time to give new outlooks for women. Women from all age groups earning any amount of money participate in the sectors of fashion, which reflects their confidence level to the world. With the changing pace of time, the world of fashion has also been evolving to give birth to new trends.

Courtesy: Saila Ishrat Annie
Courtesy: Saila Ishrat Annie

Earlier there used to be the match up session between the dress colours and nail colours which was highly overwhelming and attractive at that era of time. Now cell phone covers are cross matched with the dress codes and lets not even forget about the eye colours (meaning contact lenses!).

Innovations have occurred also in make up for girls. For example the monopoly rule of the black eyeliners are over dominated by other colour liners for holding up attraction. Designs in nail colours, fragment changes in eye shades and glosses over lipsticks are now winning attention!

Handbags, shoes and other accessories have not been left out as their trends have been changing from time to time as well. Large handbags with small accessories attached to them, such as bows or pins, are currently in the limelight. Desirable sandals, converse and other fashionable shoes are creating a hype in markets. These are some of the styles which are highly admirable and chosen in todays fashion scene and of course, as always, the trends will be evolving with time.

All of these shared ideas are just to add a little 'something' to your everyday wardrobe to make oneself look beautiful and trendy on the outside. But actually, the real beauty lies in the inner self. So, we all should try to keep ourselves as attractive as possible not just by adding a colourful eye liner or wearing a pair of converse but also by being true to ourselves and being beautiful inside and out!

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