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     Volume 4 Issue 17 | October 15, 2004 |

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Travel Guides

Sanyat Sattar


Luxury Hotels: Beach Resorts
Martin Nicholas Kunz
Teneues; November 2003
ISBN: 3823845926

Distinguished by masterly architecture and exemplary interior design, the beach hotels introduced in the pages of this lavishly illustrated coffee-table book are the ultimate refuge for those needing respite from their hectic lives and everyday routines. Whether well-established names or hidden gems, the reader is presented with a visual tour of Oceanside resorts that range across the continents and around the world - luxurious places where tastefulness and simplicity are often valued over richly decorated formality.


Top Ski Resorts of the World
Arnie Wilson
Barron's Educational Series; September 2002
ISBN: 0764155458

From Chamonix and St. Moritz in the European Alps to Aspen, Colorado, and Lake Louise, Canada, this beautifully illustrated volume features 40 of the most celebrated, fashionable, and diverse skiing destinations in the world. Each resort is treated individually, with the author's vivid and lively description, handsome colour photos, and an information panel that tells readers how to get there, the site's altitude, number of lifts, types of pistes or ski runs, the resort's special advantages, and its drawbacks. Each description also features a small map showing nearby cities and approaches by highway. The resorts and sites described encompass the globe, and are categorised by home country. Hundreds of beautiful full-colour photos help make this handsome book a reliable ski vacationer's guide and an armchair traveler's dream book.

Away from it All
Constance Jones
Fodor's; May 2004
ISBN: 1400013712

This book can guide you in searching some interesting exotic destinations around the globe. It features a tentative hint on the accommodation and traveling charges. Including destinations throughout the United States, this guide features 250 places to stay to get close to nature without roughing it.







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