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     Volume 4 Issue 17 | October 15, 2004 |

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Dhaka Diary

A Threat
On July 23, 2004, SWM published my experience with the local bus and how the sergeants harassed the bus driver in front of the Science Laboratory. Recently, I received a telephone call threatening me for mentioning the sergeants. I discussed this matter with Professor Dr. Neaz Zaman who inspired me to write about this to SWM. Sometimes, I actually wonder about the so-called democracy we keep talking about all the time in this country.

Nahid Kaiser Toma English Dept, DU

A realisation
I work in a restaurant. We usually arrange parties such as seminars, birthdays, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries and so on. A few days ago, an elderly man came up to me to arrange a surprise party for his wife on their 24th wedding anniversary. He told me how he remained indifferent and apathetic towards his wife all these years but now he truly regrets it. He admitted how he didn't appreciate his wife's role, as he should have. When his wife actually came to that surprise party she was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. It made me think that how, as a husband, we take all the love, care, commitment and sympathy from our wives for granted and remain indifferent to reciprocate even with simple gratifying words. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my partner for being so patient, loving and caring through all these years and tell her the most endearing words "I love you"!

Mohammed Sohel Hara, Olympia Palace Restaurant, Topkhana Road

Visiting birds
The other day when I was passing by Bangla Motor, something caught my attention. Now it's the autumn season here in Bangladesh and we have many visiting species of birds that migrate all the way from the Arctic regions. But to my dismay, there are some people who trap these birds and sell them on the streets like mere fowls! But these birds are here for the winter and the law should protect them. In other countries, it is actually illegal and the penalties are severe. Our govt. should take some initiatives to protect the wildlife here. After all, it is one of our "precious" resources.

RNH. Eskaton, Dhaka




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