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     Volume 4 Issue 17| October 15, 2004 |

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Health Conscious

1. Can most healthy people donate blood every:
(a) two months; (b) three months; or (c) four months?

2. During the first hour after using cocaine, does the user's risk of heart attack increase:
(a) two times; (b) 12 times; or (c) 24 times?

3. You suffer from misopedia. Do you have an abnormal aversion to:
(a) very large books; (b) children; or (c) people who won't spend money?

4. It has half the fat of chicken, one-eighth the fat of beef, and is high in protein. Is it:
(a) swan; (b) peacock; or (c) ostrich?

5. Every day in the U.S. about 7,000 couples marry. How many couples file for divorce every day:
(a) 2,300; (b) 3,300; or (c) 4,300?

6. According to Dr. Herbert S. Terrace at Columbia University, have rats been taught to count:
(a) to five; (b) to 25; or (c) to 45?

7. According to research published in Science journal, what did rats fed a low-calorie diet do 50% longer than other rats:
(a) squeak; (b) sleep; or (c) live?

8. The average man laughs 69 times a day. How many times a day does the average woman laugh:
(a) 55; (b) 65; or (c) 75?

9. You are suffering from taresthesia. Does this mean:
(a) your foot is asleep; (b) your lungs are completely black; or (c) you can't stop hiccuping?

10. A new vegetable loaded with vitamins and minerals is the offspring of broccoli and Chinese cabbage. Is it called:
(a) brobbage; (b) broccolini; or (c) chinoccoli?

11. You suffer from hypnophobia. Do you have an abnormal fear:
(a) of being seen from behind; (b) of falling asleep; or (c) of telling the truth while hypnotised?

12. To prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated and flaky, how many glasses of water should you drink for every cup of coffee you drink:
(a) one glass; (b) two glasses; or (c) three glasses?

13. Have researchers in London and Montreal discovered the genetic flaw that causes the human condition:
(a) smellyfeetitis; (b) pig pungency pestilence; or (c) fish-odour syndrome?

14. To help avoid injury, should you lift weights:
(a) in the morning; (b) in the afternoon; or (c) in the evening?

15. You suffer from choreomania. Are you:
(a) obsessed with chorus girls; (b) unable to stop dancing; or (c) unable to stop throwing apple cores at others?

16. Is the dirtiest skin surface on the average human:
(a) the face; (b) the feet; or (c) the belly button?

17. Was 1999 the first summer that Japanese children could purchase from a vending machine:
(a) Sumo wrestler trading cards; (b) live bugs; or (c) saki-flavored bubble gum?

18. Was Claudia Schiffer's 1990 modeling debut memorable because:
(a) her shoe came off; (b) a strap broke; or (c) she tripped?

19. Is wrestler Hulk Hogan's real name:
(a) Bubba Eugene; (b) Bo Gene; or (c) Terry Gene?

20. According to research by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, which activity is best to strengthen bones:
(a) running; (b) riding a stationary bike; or (c) using a stair climber?

21. You suffer from ballistophobia. Do you have a morbid fear of:
(a) your soccer ball exploding; (b) swallowing a ping pong ball; or (c) missiles?

1. Two months (1-800-GIVE-LIVE).
2. 24 times (American Heart Association).
3. You can't stand children.
4. Ostrich (Men's Health magazine).
5. About 3,300 (Utne Reader).
6. To 45 (Harper's Index).
7. Rats fed low-cal diets lived 50 percent longer.
8. 55 (USA Today).
9. Your foot is asleep.
10. Broccolini.
11. You're afraid of going to sleep.
12. Two glasses (New Woman magazine).
13. Fish odour syndrome, a rare disorder that makes people smell like rotting fish. Researchers now hope to develop an effective treatment for it.
14. In the morning. Neck and lower back muscles are more fatigued later in the day (Vitality magazine).
15. You can't stop dancing.
16. The face, because it's exposed and drools.
17. Live bugs. Collecting live beetles is a hot summer pastime among Japanese children. They normally go into the mountains with nets and catch them themselves. Now they can buy them at the mall from a machine.
18. She tripped.
19. Terry Gene Bollea.
20. Running for as little as one minute, then slowing to a brisk walk will strengthen bones.
21. You're afraid of missiles.

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