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     Volume 4 Issue 17 | October 15, 2004 |

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Meaningless Political Protests
It was quite surprising to see slogans like, "Save Hasina, save Bangladesh" in our opposition party's protest rallies. I don't see the use of saving Hasina and saving Bangladesh when our fellow countrymen are fighting against floods on an everyday basis in order to survive. Not a single leader is helping the flood-affected people, instead they are busy campaigning for their political interests. Doesn't the opposition have any responsibilities towards those people who have elected them in the elections? Or are they only devoted to their own political interest?
Nayeem Islam
Uttara, Dhaka

Good Issue!
I am so pleased that the problem of our taxis has finally been realised by your magazine. I have long since suffered from 'yellow-taxi syndrome' (i.e. frequently being short-changed, crashing into other vehicles, and generally having to endure hair raising journeys which needn't be so). The problem is that there are few preferable alternatives. If I decide to journey by rickshaw, my fate is in the hands of the wallah who may or may not agree to take me to my destination. Similarly, some CNG drivers will refuse me as a passenger if the length of the journey does not meet with his pre-requisites and the drivers have no regard for the safety of the passenger. This makes traveling to appointments somewhat precarious and, more often than not, I arrive late and disheveled. It is about time we, the general public, take a stand against these highway men and stand up for the right to be on time and arrive without feeling like we have just taken a spin in a go-kart without the luxury of a tyre barrier.
A Reader
On Email

Who is Bangladesh's Cricket Coach ?
As I was reading SWM's October 2nd issue a few days back I was shocked when something caught my eyes in the "Voicebox" column. A quote was given by "Bangladesh's cricket coach Bob Woolmer" this might sound just a printing mistake for general readers but it's terrifying for a guy who eats, drinks and sleeps cricket because SWM is one of my favourite weekly magazines. I just thought that I should point out this mistake and hope that we will never experience this sort of error again. I wonder what Dave Whatmore is thinking.
Jaami(Cricket fanatic)

Cowherd or Student?
Sometimes I think it might be better to be a cowherd, rather than a student of Dhaka University. I don't think I alone, share this viewpoint, as it seems to be true for many students at DU. According to an article in Prothom Alo it has come to our attention that our university has been closed for 293 days during the last two years. If someone asked me what I have learned from this institution, I would reply quite simply -- politics. Politics has ruined our student life. The teachers and students involved in politics are only interested in protecting the rights of their respective parties. This is why the university is closed due to strike after strike. If it weren't for these politicians, I think we could have had a real taste of what was once known to be the "Oxford of the East." To give life to our valuable education and resurrect the fame of our university, both teacher and student politics should be banned from the campus immediately.
Murtala Ramat
Dhaka University

Hazardous Politics (Part Two)
I have gone through, with great interest, the letter under the above caption published on October 2, 2004 in SWM. I would simply request all the political parties to come forward with a negotiated solution to any political crisis and to avoid confrontations for the greater interest of the nation and people. Both the ruling and the opposition parties should take serious steps against criminals and terrorists. If they can set an example to curb terrorism people may feel are secure again. Our demand is responsible leadership on the basis of democratic principles and not through political confrontation.
Ehsan Ahmad
Niketon, Gulshan

Good Cover
The cover story on DMCH (October 2, 2004 issue) deserves praise and I would like to give special thanks to the photographer Zahedul I Khan for his photographs and both Aasha Mehreen Amin and Ahmede Hussain for their vivid descriptions. Nobody knows who will be able to stop this anomaly (unfortunately, our government is not very successful). There is another point I want to mention. Was it appropriate to place a journey-by-boat-type writing ("Soured Soccer Afternoon" under the "Perspective" panel? The label is losing its depth and I fail to understand myself why it was there but in vain. SWM is one of the best weekly magazines of Bangladesh and I believe that it should be a little more careful about what is printed and maintain high standards of writing.
Abir Rahman

Applauding SWM
I am a new reader of SWM and have been reading it regularly. I always await SWM on Friday mornings. I believe that this is the best way for me (and others like me) to develop our English language skills. These days, English is essential for everyone, especially students. At first when a friend recommended reading SWM, I had a very hard time understanding it but slowly, as I kept at it, I got better. If I didn't understand a word I found it in my dictionary. I was very interested in finding new words. What I like about SWM is that it stays far away from politics and pornography, in the sense that it doesn't glamourise sex nor does it take one particular political perspective. Columns that I most enjoy reading are "Newsnotes," "Jokes," "Dear Mita," Dhaka Diary," and short stories. I also find that "A Roman Column" offers very interesting tidbits of information of life abroad. Thank you SWM, for being such a great publication.
Mohammed Abubakar Shamim (Babu)

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