Volume 5 Issue 31| September 24, 2011|


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Dance Director

Celebration in Dance

Munmun Ahmed has been affiliated and teaching dace to students all around the capital. Her chain of dance school- Rewaj Performers School-has branches in Mirpur, Uttatar, and the main branch in Panthapath. Students ranging from ages beginning at the toddler stage to adults alike can be seen practicing from the windows in these studios. She sees dance not only as her passion, but a means by which one can express ones self and escape into new worlds.

The dance she choreographed for the Celebrating Life 2011 Gala Night was performed by all her students all in their early teens and children above the age of seven. The piece tried to depict the love for Bangladesh as she had used elements such as sickles held by farmers, and the kulas held by the women. The dance ended with the depiction of holding water lilies to show the elements of our country trough the national flower.

The whole choreography was based on the first place winning lyrics by Ripa Sarkar, who depicted the natural beauty of Bangladesh through the depiction of the greenery, the land, the village life, the romance between the forests and the sea, and so many more beautiful aspects that nature in our country has to provide. Munmun was to a point successful in bringing this entire aspect out through her direction, as she brought out the true innocence of the whole matter using children for the piece.

The performers themselves did an excellent job, never missing one single queue. Given their age, the amount of professionalism shown by each of them was worth acclaim in its own.



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