Volume 5 Issue 31| September 24, 2011|


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Photography Winner

Photographer: M. Yousuf Tushar
Capping Fish

The father and son, fishermen in trade, wake up every dawn. Together they drag the mile-long net to the shores. The boy is always made to hold on to one end of the net, while the father, the stronger swimmer, wades into the waves and goes a bit further into the sea every day, along with the other end.

“Life is hard son! Make the best of it. Swim when needed, for this sea is not as calm as it looks”, the father imparts his wisdom.

The boy retorts, “But isn't that every day?”

“Only if you have more mouths to feed than you can afford.”

It's not easy for them. They never have enough to eat on account that they have to return empty handed on most days. But the boy felt lucky that day, “We will cap a ton of fish today!” He was smiling stupidly at his father.

The grown man just smiled, and ruffled the boy's hair, “How can you tell?”

“This blue cap has brought me luck all day!”

It was sunset. Their luck had truly changed!

Hasan Ameen Salahuddin

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