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Lyrics Contest Runner-up

Bilal Hossain Nuri

For most of us, Bilal Hossain would be the most unlikely person to be a winner of a lyrics contest. A teacher of Arabic at a Cadet Madrasa, Bilal is also a Kamil (equivalent to Masters) student. Born in Bhola, he came to Dhaka a few years ago to study.

He has writing lyrics and poetry since he learned to read and write. Although coming from a religious family, Bilal found no objection to write from his father, who also is an Islamic teacher. He used to collect lyrics and poems from newspaper, books or magazines.

Bilal never puts his pen down. He has to write 2/3 lyrics every week, he says. The continuity and the flow of writing keeps a lyricist on track. Therefore, even after working and studying he keeps on writing. God has given him a gift. That gift can not be thrown away. He has no doubt that a large part of being a lyricist has to come from within. But, practice and dedication brings the structure and grammar that helps create great lyrics.

He craves for a good song or a poem. He feels the Bangladesh music industry has taken a few steps back over the years and good material is hard to come by. Competitions like Celebrating Life brings back the inspiration to young potential lyricists like him. Support and guidance from proper channels create more lyricists and also will bring talented young minds to the industry.

His career as a teacher may take him in any direction, but one direction is already set for him, and that is lyrics and songs. We hope, Celebrating Life has helped him curve at least a small path towards that direction.



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