Volume 5 Issue 31| September 24, 2011|


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Photography1st Runner-up

Photographer: Mamun Sultan Nur
The Mighty Heron

The mighty heron, magnificent in flight
With its piercing eyes, gazes upon the sky
Ready to conquer it, and make it its own
With it outspread wings, those span a mile long.

Says to the humble tree, “Your bark lies on the ground
“In the autumn, and in the flowing sound
“You'd want to touch the sky, but know it's mine
“For even your highest canopy can't touch it. It's mine!”

The sky welcomes the mighty Heron, magnificent in its flight,
“Come! My bosom is great enough for you to play in.
“But forget not, it's not to be conquered, it's there for all
“For you and the trees, for it's their flowers that adorn and perfume me.”

Hasan Ameen Salahuddin





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