Volume 5 Issue 31| September 24, 2011|


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Special Issue


The Celebrating Life has rolled into its 4th year since its inception in 2008. All the support that we have received from everyone throughout this magnificent journey cannot be expressed through words only. Onlookers and participants alike will definitely see the differences through the growth of not only the functions and tours held every year, but also how the prizes, awards and prize money have grown each and every year. We had introduced the Life Time Achievement awards only last year. While we were not able to award the film contestants, for the last two competitions in a row, for not receiving works worth accolades we have tried to remedy the film scene through introducing the Film Making Workshop this year. It now depends absolutely on the audience feedback to whether or not to continue with the film workshop on a yearly basis to give the aspiring artists in the film industry a platform, depending on the outcome in the form of three short films. If we see that the short films produced as a result of the workshop draw the expected level of acclaim, we will definitely continue with this endeavor.

It goes without saying that such a huge initiative could not have been achieved without a sponsor. We are very grateful and honored that the Standard Chartered Bank has been beside us throughout this whole journey and have agreed upon faring with us for three more years in the coming times. We would also like this opportunity to thank everyone, participants, contestants, audience, all alike for their undying support.

We heartily congratulate all the winners of this year's competition, and hope for them to continue with all the good work

Rafi Hossain.


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